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You become a part of making Ireland a better and more equal place to live. Your membership will help us to grow and develop as a strong voice for women’s human rights.

As a NWC member you will contribute to:

  • Promoting women’s leadership
  • Campaigning for better childcare, long-term and social care
  • Seeking better representation of women in politics and decision making
  • Working for a health care system that meets the needs of women, including their reproductive needs
  • Ending violence against women
  • Placing women’s concerns at the heart of economic recovery
  • Building a strong women’s movement
  • And much more…

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Being a member of the NWC is an opportunity to listen and learn about important issues for women at national level while at the same time bringing the concerns and issues of your organisation and its members to the national context.

Sharon Perry, Southside Women’s Action Network

Sharon Perry
Southside Women’s Action Network