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Please note, we are currently experiencing technical problems with our membership sign up. If you woud like to become an individual member of NWCI, please contact Helen at

Individual (Waged - €60 per year)

Individual (Waged - €5 Monthly)

Individual (Unwaged) €20

We have membership fees to suit everyone

€5 per month / €60 per year (Waged)       €20 per year (Unwaged)

Why become an individual member? Do you want ......

  • your voice represented in the corridors of power when it comes women's health, economic and political equality?
  • care about the impact of the National Budget on girls and women today in Ireland?
  • meet like-minded men and women who are determined the pave the way for equality for generations to come?

Reasons to beome become a member

  • Attend 4 events per year and meet politicians, journalists and other key influencers;
  • Socialise and network with like-minded people in your area and across Ireland;
  • Receive our regular newsflash & learn more about the issues affecting you and women
  • Get 33% discount on room rental

Membership of NWCI is open to all individual women and men who are interested in real issues.

  • We represent and unite women from all walks of life.
  • We work with men and women to achieve equality in Ireland.
  • We can provide you with a national platform to share your stories and experiences and ensure that your issues are on the political agenda.

And we need YOU to help us make the change. Become involved in the greatest movement of the 21st century today and have your voice heard!

If you encounter any payment processing problems, please email