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Women want to see a different society – not go back to the ‘old normal’

Published: Tuesday, June 15, 2021

The National Women’s Council (NWC) today (15th June) has set out a new ambition and priorities for women over the next four year with the launch of ‘No Woman Left Behind’, NWC’s new Strategic Plan 2021-2024.  The plan provides a clear outline of what changes women want to see and how they want to work together to achieve them.

Commenting on the launch of ‘No Woman Left Behind’, Orla O’Connor, Director of NWC said,

“The message from women is very clear. We want to see a different society for women and girls and we want to work together to achieve a more just and equal society, leaving no woman behind.

As we begin to move out of the Covid-19 crisis, women are saying that there can be no going back to the ‘old normal’. The pandemic has had a devastating impact on women. It highlighted and increased the wide ranging and persistent inequalities that women and girls face in Ireland today.

While some progress has been made in recent years, the pace of change has been unacceptably slow and particularly women from marginalised communities, such as Traveller women, disabled women, lone parents and migrant women, are experiencing the impact of ongoing discrimination, sexism, poverty and exclusion.”

She continued,

“With ‘No Woman Left Behind’ the National Women’s Council is rising to this challenge and sending the clear signal that we must go in a new direction. And increasingly, this new direction must approach the key challenges for women from an All-Ireland perspective.

As we recover from the pandemic, we must look to transforming our health service, ensuring that all health care puts the woman and her needs at its centre. We must deliver a public childcare model and invest in better family leave policies.

We must promote women’s leadership, legislating for gender quotas for election candidates and on our Boards. We must ensure that our Constitution truly reflects the society and values that we strive for. We must challenge and stand up against racism and the rise of the far right, and creating and supporting inclusive spaces for women to speak out, share their experiences and advocate for the change that women need.”

She concluded,

“The launch of No Woman Left Behind is very timely as the Government has just received the final report of the Citizens’ Assembly on Gender Equality. It is clear that the Irish public and NWC members are at one in calling for a changed society for women’s rights and equality. There is a clear way forward now for the Government to act and finally deliver for women and girls.”

Speakers at the launch event included: Claudia Hoareau, Anti-Racism and Inclusion advocate and Hateful Behaviour policy expert; Eliona Gjecaj, Disability rights activist; Sinead Mercier, Lecturer in Environment, Sustainability and Social Justice; Brigid Quilligan, Traveller Rights Activist; Avila Kilmurray, Founder of the Northern Ireland Women's Coalition; Linda Kelly, Founder of Women Ascend and Maternity Rights Campaigner; Chiamaka Enyi-Amadi, Spoken Word Artist; Orla O'Connor, Director, National Women's Council; Louise Lovett, Chairperson, National Women's Council.

Read full version of NWC's Strategic Plan 2021 -2024 - No Woman Left Behind 


For more information, please contact Silke Paasche, Head of Communications, NWC, Tel. 085 858 9104.