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Our Members

We currently have more than 190 members representing a wide variety of women and women’s groups from across the country.

Our members give us our mandate. Their expertise and experience enables us to be the strong and effective representative organisation for women’s rights in Ireland that we are.

Our members actively participate and shape our work through for example:

  • Regular Members’ Meetings
  • Our Annual General Meeting
  • Thematic events and seminars
  • Online and other campaigns
  • Membership Working Group
  • Membership surveys and requests for feedback

We provide support to members in their work and the campaigns they are undertaking where appropriate.  We produce information and user friendly briefing papers on issues of relevance to our members.

Our Executive Board is elected from our members by our members and our quota system for the Executive Board ensures that we will always have strong representation from communities of women experiencing multiple forms of inequality and social exclusion at Board level.

We recently adopted new membership criteria that will allow an even broader range of groups and individuals to join NWCI. So if you want to support our campaign for women’s equality in Ireland, please join!