NWC All-Island Women's Forum

Led by the National Women’s Council (NWC), the All-Island Women’s Forum aims to address underrepresentation of women and further develop women’s role in peacebuilding and civic society. The Women’s Forum will also support building sustainable North South links, provide a space for marginalized communities, and build better understanding and inter-community links.

The Forum represents a contribution by the National Women’s Council to the Irish Government’s Shared Island initiative in the Department of an Taoiseach, by enhancing civil society links and supporting engagement by women, across communities and traditions on the island, on issues of common concern.

For further information on the work of the All-island Women’s Forum please contact the forum facilitator / administrator.

Forum Chairperson: Margaret Martin, NWC Chairperson

Forum Facilitator: Ciara McHugh (contact ciaram@nwci.ie)

Forum Administrator: Jane Finn (contact janef@nwci.ie)

Check out our Forum Members HERE.

Read our 2021 Report HERE.

The National Women’s Council (NWC) would like to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to the Reconciliation Fund in the Department of Foreign Affairs for funding this project. In addition, NWC would like to extend thanks to the Shared Island Unit in the Department of an Taoiseach for supporting this work.

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