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Derry Women’s Centre

Feminist community based education centre that offers a wide range of courses for women

Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI)

Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) The Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) is a national digital repository for Ireland’s humanities, social sciences, and cultural heritage data. You can browse and search across multiple collections from some of the finest Irish institutions. These collections are safely preserved in the DRI. DRI run the Archiving Reproductive health to archive material linked to the Repeal the 8th campaign.
  • Digital Repository of Ireland
    Royal Irish Academy
    19 Dawson Street
    Dublin 2

Doctors for Choice

Doctors for Choice Doctors for Choice is an organisation that represents doctors in Ireland, who support a woman’s right to control her own reproductive health outcomes.

Domestic Violence Advocacy Service

A front line domestic violence service

Donegal Women’s Centre

Donegal Women’s Centre provides a space where women can pursue their own healing and development in a safe, caring and supportive environment. The centre developed from the coming together of a group of women in the late eighties who were committed to responding in a holistic way to the emotional, psychological, social and educational needs of women in Donegal.

Doras Buí

Community resource centre for families headed by one parent in Northside Partnership area

Dublin Adult Learning Centre

Centre used by both men & women who wish to improve their literacy skills

Dublin Rape Crisis Centre

Counselling & therapy service, providing support to victims of rape & child sexual abuse

Dublin Wellwoman Centre

Women's Health Centre

Duhallow Women’s Forum

Duhallow Women’s Forum

Highlights issues relating to women, organising training programmes, seminars, etc

DVR Domestic Violence Resource

To provide support to women who are/have been subjected to domestic violence and abuse.